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It was an excellent growing season for the vines, but one that was difficult for us to manage due to all the rain and in addition we decided to go completely organic. It’s been in the pipeline for some time and now that we have mulch under most of the vines, it was time. (It’s not something I completely buy into, but that’s a long story for another day. Look at “Mindful Winemaking” on our website for a feel to our holistic approach). Each time it rained, which was almost every week, we had to spray fungicides (copper and sulphur mostly) and in our case by hand. Hats off to Tao and Busi who did most of this work. On our slopes with narrow rows and high density, even our quad bike can’t manage most of the vineyard. However, we managed to get through the season with no serious infections.

The rain dried up in December, just after our annual Garden Party, and we managed to give our vines a little water before the really hot weather in the middle of January set in. Extreme heat over the veraison period (when the grapes turn colour) meant ripening was advanced. This part of the season reminded me of the 2012 season – the year our Blueprint Syrah won the Platter Red Wine of the Year – so that’s a good sign!

Despite the heat the season was still a little later than usual, which I always enjoy, as it gives us more time to prepare. Although the harvest looked set to be a long bumpy road, it turned out to be a rather smooth ride. We had very few late nights and managed to get everything picked in perfect condition at just the right time. I guess it helps when you only work with 75 tons, and you can give every barrel the necessary attention. Once again, our team was on song and as everything is done by hand at De Trafford this is always critical. We look forward to keeping you updated with the 2022 vintage journey and releasing the wines over the next 7 years – from Plan B to Elevation 393!


David & the de Trafford Team


At De Trafford we have always carved our own path – that’s how we ended up at the end of a beautiful valley in the first place. At times the critics see the logic and beauty in what we’re about and at times they may think we’ve got a bit lost. Fine wine takes decades to produce and cannot be subject to the whims of fashion. We are proud of our 26th release of De Trafford Merlot. A distinctive, compelling wine that you must have.

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Les vins de La Bri

Situé à Franschhoek, le berceau de la viticulture Sud Africaine. La légende raconte que le nom La Bri viendrait de huguenots français de descendant de Labory. Installés au fond de la vallée avec différents types de sols allant du sable aux riches sols alluviaux. Modernisé en 2008, le domaine est aujourd'hui un des équipés pour la production de vins de grande précision. Chacun de ses vins est liée à une fleur Sud africaine symbolisant les caractéristiques du vin qu'elle habille.

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